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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring was in the air today. I must admit - the fresh air smelled like heaven and the sunshine was a total delight.

While I love all the seasons - Spring is just energizing! Could be the longer days ... could be the fact that I can work out of doors comfortably ... could be that I love hanging laundry on the line and having it dry! The list goes on and on ... I like that.

I know Spring has greeted many over the last several weeks and while Easter is upon us - I can't help thinking that Summer isn't very far behind. That, scares me! I mean, when did it get to be the end of March?

(My mother was right - time flies as you get older ... but, I am not older .... YET!)

Yes - Spring is here ... and I thought I would share a wee bit of Springtime with you! Meet MayBelle! WhEEEE!

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kathleen said...

How did your weekend with the Pitbulls go? I love the "flying cowgirl"! Very nice!