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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I bet your dogs are as lucky as mine. If you don't have dogs - I am pretty confident that if you are reading ARTsy/knitting/spinning BloGs - any animal in your care is treated as a valued member of your family. YAY!

Over the course of the last week, I have been horrified by the way Pit Bull dogs are treated/handled/discriminated against. Actually - they are profiled. I know the horror stories too ... I find it unfair that we label a whole breed as 'bad' just because that is what the media wants us to believe. Sensationalism sells.

Well, this coming weekend - I am putting my $$ where my mouth is and I am going to meet a few. I just can't wait - seriously, I am overJOYed at the prospect! While we can not add to our present family (please read, Diesel doesn't want a sibling!) there will come a time when I would be honored if a pit bull would come to live with me!

Now Diesel being the 'good boy' that he his - does feel a wee bit upset at his inability to share his home ... so, he & his sister Motu are putting their $$ where their mouths are too - They are sponsoring "Maxwell Smart" - you can't tell me that this pup isn't the cutest thing EVER? Maxwell Smart is the top pup on the sponsorship page! Maybe he could come live with you?

While I have been enthralled with Pit Bull research - I am still getting some carding done! Take a look at Flying Cowgirl!

Giddy UP! Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! AND - please try to adopt a pet before you buy ... there are so many that need forever homes. Comments, please!

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kathleen said...

I love pit bulls. I've had 2 in my lifetime, both from the pound. They are always so happy and eager to please. I think that's the problem...a pit bull will do ANYTHING to please his people/family, and many take advantage of that. But as far as a pleasant dog, a pit bull is one of the best. My daughter now has a Pit/Lab mix and he is fabulous! He has that lovely fat head and short nose that is characteristic of pit bulls and a wonderful, loving, and eager to please personality.