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Thursday, September 06, 2007

For those of you on the "Motu" watch ... she is doing as well as can be expected. (For those of you new to "Motu" - she is my elder dog - the Grand Dame of the canine world in which I live.)

Her leg sore is still ever present. Part of that is due to it's location (she always lies on it & uses that particular portion of her leg to move, get up and /or walk. ) Her age is also making the healing process take that much longer. Suffice to say ... I have probably used at least 5 miles of tape & gauze.... it is a good thing those First Aid classes have paid off.

My Motu now wears a shoe on her paw constantly. While offering protection from the constant friction of walking & moving - it also provides a safe haven for her bandage. My Grand Dame likes to rip off her tape & gauze. This is no easy feat - although she does make quick work of it. Since the sore does need to breathe on occasion ... I have taken to putting a food container on her leg as a wee bit of protection.

It has helped a bit ... but just like a child, supervision is the key! So ... while I sit & knit on my latest charity endeavor ... The Classic T-Top Sweater - I will be knitting with one eye on my Motu.

(To prove she is a Grand Dame - don't think she will put on a 'lamp shade' without a fight! She is still feisty and - if it isn't a crown - she isn't wearing it!!)

Off I go! I must make sure her bandage is still in one piece. Send healing thoughts her way - or maybe just some bandages!
Remember: Imaginations create ... those that don't - copy.

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