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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I debated on whether I should write about the fact that my Motu's last days of her journey on this planet are coming to an end. It is a sad reality that pet moms & dads face on a daily basis.

My friends have spread so much love around her - that I know her *next* journey will be made easy & comfortable. Thank you, dear friends.

But, nervous energy is abundant! It is actually a good thing to get so much done. Random spindles with fiber softly caressing their shafts - which had been long forgotten - have been resurrected: spun & plied!

Spindle spinning is perfect where mobility is a priority. If you are new to Spindles - or would just like to gain some insight - try NANnette's Spindler's List! It is a chock full, jammed packed list with SO MUCH info - your head will literally SPIN!

One of the little doo-dads I obtained when I first started spindling was a wee niddy-noddy. PERFECT for those full spindles I dare say!

This weekend - I also managed to finish my 'Classic T-Top' Sweater for charity. I want to mail my box to the reservation in a month ... hopefully, I will be able to put one or 2 more things inside!

Time to go hug Motu .... and Diesel & Kiwi. In times like these - hugs are even better than knitting or spinning! Remember: Imaginations create ... those that don't - copy.

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KnitNana said...

Ah, Kary, I know how hard this is...take comfort in her last days and hours with you. Store up the memories...and tell her to look for a pretty Blonde Bombshell who'll show her around up there at the Rainbow Bridge...they'll keep each other company till our turn to join them comes...
Sending you both many many