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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sometimes - It's a Wheel ....

Sometimes - It's a Wheel .... Sometimes spinning is all about production.

I will admit to loving the meditative state spinning provides: it is relaxing & stress reducing! I feel my blood pressure lower and the endorphins surging! I will also admit that sometimes I need some 'big honkin' skeins' to get me through a project.

Enter: The Wheel!

I feel that the added bonus of wheel spinning is the caloric burn. How can one NOT consider it exercise when hands, arms, feet & legs are all in sync in a woolen dance??... (That is a discussion for another day.)

Over the next week, I will be bopping here & there. BloG posts might suffer, but I do look forward to see how much I can do/create in set period of time!

This is what I have been doing over the last 2 weeks .... instead of "WhEEEE" - today it is "WHEEEEEL"! Comments - Please!
Remember: Imaginations create ... those that don't - copy.

1 comment:

kathleen said...

I especially loike the berry-colored hank of yarn...and the sparkly gray...and the browns...and...and...! I need "big honkin skeins" too, when I get into a project. I hate to tie knots.