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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day in the US has come & gone. To me, the unofficial start of Fall has begun. Soon, sweater weather will be beating upon my door and I, for one, will celebrate its arrival. Cooler temperatures mean more knitting, spinning, dyEing & carding!!

Three day weekends mean there is more time to be spent with folks you love. It also means that there are a few extra moments to reflect & take stock of current events, both in *the* world & in *your* world. I did both.

The internet has made me some wonderful, cherished friends. Friends so treasured, I would be lost without them. You all know who you are ... thanks for being there and picking up my head when I feel defeated & my heart when it has been shattered.
I also thank you for the kick in the knickers when my journey leads me astray. You guys are the BESTEST!

Three day weekends are also for creating ... I finished the Cashmere Baby Red Sox!
Cute, or what?

AND .... here is some REALLY great news!! .... I also opened up another Knotty Sheep! Of course ... it will be stocked with all sorts of fun stuff! What do you think of an Apricot Mango Margarita?? to kick off the Grand Opening??? WhEEEEEE .... Remember: Imaginations create ... those that don't - copy.

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