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Monday, November 12, 2007

Hug a VET today!

Today is Veteran's Day. If you see a veteran offer him/her your thanks as well as love. Say a prayer of gratitude and offer it those who sacrificed it all in the name of freedom. I thank you all ..... and Dad (who received a Bronze Star) - you are my hero!

Veteran's Day also means that November is here - AND that we are creeping towards the middle of the month. YiKes! Time is vanishing, Christmas is fast approaching & I must get cracking on so many different things!

Macuwita sni is off & running. As I type, it is 36 degrees F in Eagle Butte. YiKes again, baby that is cold. Let's send those kids some WOOLIES!

Kathleen's top down sweater is looking FAB and I completed the back of my Guernsey yesterday .... YiPpEE!

I am 4" into the front ... so hopefully, this week should see that completed as well.

My new Kitchen Sink Battz (tm) were completed last week as well! Colder temperatures are perfect for spinning up some Chocolate Penguins!

More will be coming this week ... the dye pot is already full and skeins are a soaking .... yep - Life is GOOD!
Please.... Hug a VETERAN today!


Dan and Jean said...

I hug my Veteran on a daily basis. I kiss him too. LOL.
Dear God, that blue roving is delicious!

kittyd said...

My father, who sadly passed away in 1980, was a veteran of WWII. He is now buried in Arlington National Cemetary-according to his wishes-against his family's-lol! :) But his children insisted on him being buried there-he was proud of being a veteran, and rightly so! :)

PS your wool is so gorgeous, and that blue is such a lovely color! :)

Jane said...

Hugging a veteran around here is *fun* {g}.. Love the Guernsey sweater. If DD ever sends the grandkids' measurements, I want to make a similar design for them. The way they grow, I'll have to add several inches to the length to make sure the sweaters fit when they get to California. Oh, and BTW, I just tagged you for a MeMe.. Sorry..