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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Small Buisness Slave

I would like to admit that I don't classify myself as a 'small business owner'. A better description would be a 'small business slave'.

The Knotty Sheep keeps me on my toes & my house full of wool. Life is good.

Being on Etsy is a learning experience. I found security & familiarity eBay. While I still have a presence there, I am forsaking the comfort of it's cyber arms for the wonders of a new, exciting & unknown venue. Exhilarating yet tinged with fear.

I held a Cyber-Monday Sale - (starting on late Sunday for Knotty Sheep fans ... please
join - it is always to cool to get advance notice & first dibs on stuff!) It was exciting but, it wasn't overwhelming .... This was the floor of my studio this morning:

I am SO grateful for the items purchased.... thank you for your interest in my products!!

So - in celebration of being a SBS (that is small business slave) - I created a new product line .... "Yarnish Garnish Yarn" (tm). Yep - trademark protected ....

"A Glacier in My Drink" is dancing with whimsical originality!!

Got to love that!!

I close now as my dye pots are simmering, the wheel awaits & the dog needs to go out.

Do check out ETSY for your Holiday as well as future shopping excursions .... the artists are exceptionally talented and if you purchase from us - know that you are supporting our deepest dreams & making us glow. Doesn't *THAT* just make your heart flutter a wee bit??

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


KnitNana said...

Lovely! Let me know what you ultimately decide about Etsy? I've abandoned ebay with the exception of purchases...and stopped selling fairly quickly after I started! Just had one too many bad experiences. It would be nice to hear that Etsy is a better choice.

Georganne said...

Wonderful! And congrats on your success!!!