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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Each day, something always happens that amazes me. I find both inspiration & consolation in that fact. Every night ( OK, not EVERY night!) I write in a Gratitude Journal. I list 5 things that I am grateful for on that particular day. It could be something as simple as putting my feet on the floor in the morning, a warm meal at night or something totally mezmerizing as a swift sale of my artwork or a new found fiber!! Being grateful came about from my friend Stasia. She is both an inspiration - look at her weaving!! AND a consolation as she consoles MY soul knowing that she is just an email away. So - yes!! Each day, something always amazes me. Today - I mailed out my 4th & 5th pair of slippers for The Ships Project. By the end of this month - they will have hoped to collect 25,000 items for our armed services since the Project's inception a year ago. 25,000 items! I am amazed!! AND consoled, knowing that there are so many people willing to help each other out!! Hmmm.... one of the things I am grateful for tonight is my woodstove. I love it and tonight, I am lucky enough to have a skein drying right near it. I thought I would share it with you - as it was a perfect fall day today AND there may be a hint of snow in the air tomorrow. Stas - this one is for you .... TAG ME are it!!

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