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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Even though I started my day with good intentions - while I was spinning in the wee hours, I began to feel 'un-well'. Every once in a while I see squiggles in front of my eyes. Not to worry - my eyes have been tested, and an MRI done - the squiggles just upset me & my stomach enough to throw me off center for the rest of the day. (Theresa - remember what I said about the car wash thing!!) Sometimes I think it happens when I am not performing at 100%. Or when I try to take to much on. Although I am not diagnosed with any particular malady - I know me well enough to know that I can't push myself the way I used too. Such is age. I thought wisdom came with age - not squiggles! Sigh ... But, I have been thinking about my new sponsored children and children who are neglected. I have also been thinking about animals - those that are unloved. I ponder about what the world would be like if every child had food & hugs! And every animal had food & hugs! Then I ponder about why the world isn't like this. I have started visiting a site on Theresa's BloG (see her link on left). It feeds Animals. I can do that - feed animals in need with a click!! Thanks Theresa!! Then maybe there is a way to combine the two ideals. Enter The Heifer Project!! How cool to give a family a sheep!! Hey - if I can't have my very own sheepie .... :) We will see. Until then - this is a photo of my Love Muffin "Diesel". He is half rottiweiler - not sure what the other half is!! We rescued him from a shelter at 12 weeks of age - he is now 4, almost 5!! And yes!! He gets food & hugs everyday - and PLENTY of both!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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