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Saturday, October 05, 2002

The last few days have left me technologically deprived. No computer, no phone, minimal TV. It was wonderful to enjoy the sounds of nature! To have 'real' conversations with people! To bask in the glory of my husband fishing! To meet up with friends I see twice a year! I think everyone needs to 'get away'. While I did manage to be 'away' from my home - I think it is more important to break the normal routines of day to day life. I know I get stagnant if I don't break free of the daily chains and challenge myself to new surroundings. No wonder my artwork took a beating in recent weeks!! I still have a comission project to complete and new ideas to get to paper - but I have been rejuvenated!! YAY!! I did get to spin and try my hand at weaving. I love it!! (Thanks Nancie!!) I made about 6 squares on the Weave-ette and I think I will join them and make a small pillow top. I also started another pair of slippers for The Ships Project which I hope to complete by weeks end! Tomorrow - is Football DAY!! Go Patriots!! Until then - TAG ME ... you are it!!

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