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Thursday, October 10, 2002

The last few days have been extremely productive for me!! FINALLY!! I finished plying the "My Girls" CVM roving from The Bellwether. This is yummy stuff. I was hoping to snap a photo for you see the wonderful colors of these 2 skeins, but they are drying as I type. Maybe tomorrow. This was the first time I have spun pure CVM - got to love those springy fibers and the fact that these are rare breed sheep - well - that just makes it MORE special. I also have begun spinning an alpaca/romney X roving given to me by my friend Nancie. This is from Sheepy Thyme Farm. I have one bobbin of singles done and I hope to start my second bobbin tonight. PLUS - I have finished my 4th pair of slippers for The Ships Project. I encourage anyone who has a spare knitting/crocheting moment to help in this worthy cause. Seems like we need to be caring for those that are protecting us more than ever!! I am getting all these things accomplished because I am using "micro-movements" - the tiniest of baby steps! These "micro-movements" are courtesy of SARK. She is one of my all time favorite inspirational writers/artists. Should I mention here that I also drew my last 4 sketches and dropped clothes off at the Goodwill stop?? "MICRO-MOVEMENTS"!! One thing I forgot to do today was call for my yearly mammogram ... you know - to take care of "My Girls"! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month - so, please do what you have to - to take care of yourself!! NOW - here is a picture of my latest fiber acquistion. It is a 'chocolate' thel/alpaca/silk blend from The Lavender Fleece. I THINK this is what I will make my shawl from ... once, I spin it - then knit it ... hmm - "micro-movements" - Stay Tuned! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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