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Monday, October 28, 2002

One of my goals for this year was to reduce my fiber stash by one rubber maid bin! HA!! I laugh!! This weekend was a GREAT fiber weekend for me!! I spun ever so merrily!! Yarn was niddy-noddied!! Twists were set!! AND fleeces ordered?? Yep!! Fleeces were ordered!! How could I resist when someone on the Spindler's List posted of remarkably clean, wonderful fleeces from sheepies with such names as Bari, Diamond, River & Bernadette?? I had to peruse the Redbud Wool Farm web site as quick as I could! "River" is coming to live with me this year and "Bernadette" will be living with me next! WOO-WHOO! Do take a peek at Linnet's (she is the sheepie's human Mom) farm!! These fleeces look gorgeous and they come HIGHLY recommended by some very discriminating hand spinners! I will let you know when I meet "River" in person. Now, will I process this fleece myself?? Absolutely ... NOT!! "River" will be whisked away to visit Gail at The Ozark Carding Mill. She has bailed me out in the past when I realized processing fleece was not a talent I possess. I also feel the need to purchase some of Margrett's wonderful GCNI fiber again. Running Moon Farm has some of the best dYed fibers I have ever seen! Margrett is a true artist and the Gulf Coastal Native Improved batts are a marvel to spin. So much for losing one rubber maid bin!! But - what a way to go .......... TAG ME ... you are it!

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